Welcome to Cloverfield Estate wine farm and winery, where we open our gates to a world of delightful experiences for our cherished visitors. Explore our charming emporium, offering a delightful array of artisanal delights, delectable snack items, and an assortment of gifting treasures, preserves, aromatic coffee, and intricately crafted home decor and rugs. Whether you plan to bask in the serene ambience of our estate or venture out to other scenic spots, our emporium has everything you need to enhance your journey.

At Cloverfield, we invite you to immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of nature. Engage in a day of leisurely fishing at our picturesque dam or indulge in the captivating pastime of birdwatching amidst the breathtaking landscape. Our grounds also extend a warm invitation for hosting special events, offering a picturesque setting for memorable gatherings, joyous kids’ parties, and bespoke occasions that will linger in your heart forever.

For those seeking an invigorating outdoor adventure, our farm is the perfect place for a refreshing walk with your beloved canine companion, where you can revel in the beauty of nature and relish the freedom of our open spaces. Join us in the excitement of our occasional fun runs and colour runs, where the spirit of camaraderie and wellness come together in a vibrant celebration of life. We extend our warmest welcome to all, inviting you to partake in the magic of Cloverfield Estate and savour every moment of your visit with us.


Unveiling the Splendor of Cloverfield Estate

Welcome to the timeless embrace of Cloverfield Estate, where the rich heritage of winemaking entwines with the verdant splendor of the Robertson Valley. Nestled amidst sprawling vineyards and caressed by the gentle whispers of the Breede River, our estate stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the Marais family, spanning generations of craftsmanship and passion. With a commitment to excellence woven into every vine and every bottle, we invite you to embark on a sensory journey that marries the artistry of winemaking with the enchanting allure of our storied estate.

Join us as we uncork the essence of Cloverfield, where each sip echoes the timeless tale of tradition, innovation, and the boundless spirit of South African viticulture.


wine from cloverfield wine farm and winery


Welcome to our wine estate, where the art of winemaking meets unparalleled hospitality. Join us in exploring the finest flavors and indulging in the sophistication of our wine offerings, available for tasting and purchase.

snacks at cloverfield wine farm and winery


Indulge in a world of delights at our distinguished wine emporium, where sophistication meets variety. Discover an alluring assortment of delectable snacks, exquisite gifts, tasteful home and garden items, alongside our meticulously curated wine collection

picnic at cloverfield wine farm and winery


Experience the warmth and charm of our wine farm during a leisurely picnic. Treat yourself to an array of delicious snacks from our emporium, perfectly complemented by our fine selection of wines.

a dog being walked at our wine farm and winery


enjoy a leisurely walk through our scenic farm. Take in the picturesque views and unwind while your dogs explore the beauty of nature. Join us for a refreshing and delightful outing that both you and your pets will surely enjoy!

kid running at our wine farm and winery


all fitness enthusiasts and nature lovers! Our farm welcomes you to join us for invigorating walks and runs amidst the breathtaking beauty of our sprawling landscapes. Embrace the fresh air and serene ambiance as you explore our picturesque trails, offering the perfect setting for an energizing outdoor workout


Calling all nature enthusiasts! Come and savor a peaceful day of picnicking and birdwatching on our beautiful farm. With a diverse array of bird species to admire, you'll find yourself immersed in the tranquility of our scenic surroundings.

wines of cloverfield

Grapes of Cloverfield

Welcome to Our World of Exceptional Table Grapes!

At Cloverfield, we take immense pride in cultivating and offering a premium selection of table grapes that captivate taste buds worldwide. Our commitment to excellence ensures that the finest varieties, including Globe, Sweet Celebration, Sweet Joy, Crimson, and Red Globe grapes, are meticulously grown and harvested.

We specialize in catering to international markets, providing bulk sales opportunities to meet global demands for these exquisite grapes. However, our dedication to our local community remains unwavering. We reserve a portion of our superior grape stock for local sales, ensuring everyone has access to the unparalleled quality and flavour our grapes offer.

Join us in experiencing the exceptional taste and freshness of our table grapes, whether you’re a global distributor seeking quality produce or a local enthusiast eager to indulge in the finest grapes available. Explore our selection and savour the excellence that defines our commitment to delivering nature’s sweetness to your table.


known for their large size and delectable sweetness, offer a delightful burst of flavor in every succulent globe-shaped grape.


Recognized for their crisp texture and exceptional sweetness


distinguished by their exquisite sweetness and delightful juiciness


Characterized by their deep red hue and deliciously sweet flavor profile


A good looking, sweet, red grape with a soft-crisp texture.


Eye-catching deep crimson hue, complemented by a lusciously sweet taste that tantalizes the palate.

Globe Grapes:

Globe grapes, distinguished by their impressive size and remarkable sweetness, unveil a burst of succulent flavour in every plump, globe-shaped grape, ensuring a delectable treat for those craving a delightful sweetness with each bite.

Sweet Celebration Grapes:

Sweet Celebration grapes, known for their crunchy texture and exceptional sweetness, provide a gratifying taste experience with each plump, juicy grape, promising a delightful burst of flavour in every bite.

Sweet Joy Grapes:

Sweet Joy grapes, characterized by their divine sweetness and juicy tenderness, offer a truly delightful snacking pleasure, with each grape delivering an explosion of joyous flavour.

Crimson Grapes:

Crimson grapes, with their rich red colour and tantalizingly sweet taste, create a juicy and satisfying snacking experience, promising a burst of sweetness with every bite.


Scarlotta Seedless is a late-season red seedless grape. The berries are large, elongated with a berry colour that is red to dark-red. The fruit is sweet with minimal acid tang and a mild flavour. The skin is of medium thickness and offers some resistance when biting and chewing, with a slight astringency.

Red Globe Grapes:

Red Globe grapes, flaunting their captivating deep crimson hue and exceptionally sweet flavour, present a vibrant and flavorful treat, adding an appealing pop of colour and taste to any fruit assortment.

Embarking on a Global Wine Journey

Join Us in Sharing the Essence of Cloverfield’s Legacy

Dedicated to sharing the essence of Cloverfield’s exquisite wines with the world, we take immense pride in our active role in the global distribution of our renowned vintages. As fervent ambassadors of our craft, we extend a warm invitation to wine international agents seeking to introduce our distinguished wines to new markets. If you share our passion for exceptional wine and are interested in bringing the distinct flavors of Cloverfield Estate to your clientele, we eagerly await your esteemed partnership.

In addition to wine international agents, we eagerly welcome wine wholesalers, discerning private collectors, as well as esteemed restaurants and boutique shops. Whether you are seeking to enrich your collection or offer our distinguished wines to your esteemed patrons, we are committed to fostering a mutually beneficial partnership. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, and allow us the opportunity to elevate your wine offerings with the finest selections from our vineyard. We eagerly anticipate the prospect of doing business with you and embarking on a journey of shared success and unparalleled taste.

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